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Makassar International Writers Festival 2017

Makassar International Writers Festival 2016


Makassar International Writers Festival

Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) is the first and only international literary festival held in Eastern Indonesia. The festival is organized by Rumata’ Artspace as an annual program. Since its first edition in 2011, the festival has become the most-anticipated literary event for the locals.

It is renowned for its relaxed and informal atmosphere as well as its diverse and eclectic program of stimulating, engaging and entertaining conversations.

Special Program


or 3Parks4Days is a special collaborative project run by the festival’s creative team and artists. Introducing the pop-up park concept, we offer three thematic parks: Reading Park (Taman Baca), Tasty Park (Taman Rasa) and Light and Colour Park

Special Program

Big Ideas Discussion Series

Nine women from various backgrounds and places have taken bold steps to work with their communities and to put idealism back on the agenda.

Special Program

A Cup of Poetry

A Cup of Poetry is a combination of good coffee and tea with selected poetry and stories. Every afternoon at Taman Rasa, hosted by Rumata’ Founders: Riri Riza and Lily Yulianti Farid

Special Program

Twitter Corner

The microblogging platforms takes literature seriously! Get the new experience, explore Twitters’s applications, join our #puitwit and #LiTweetrature challenges

Special Program

MIWF for Kids

a free program for children, parents, teachers and educators. Learn and enjoy the power of storytelling!

Special Program

Friends from Afar

is a special program for senior high school students living in regional areas to join the festival.

Speakers/ Writers



is an award-winning poet from Germany. His published books are Revival of The Lambs” (2008), Once We Are (2013) and Sweet Electric Night (2014).



is a journalist and author based in Hong Kong. His columns are published daily, weekly in a variety of newspapers in Asia as well as on his website



Aoko Matsuda is one of Japan’s most promising young Japanese novelists. She has published two collections of short stories and has also translated Karen Russell’s St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves.

Elizabeth D.


was born in Lyon, France in 1959. She is a writer, translator and community activist. Since the age of nineteen, she has traveled the world as a reporter for various French magazines and radio broadcasters.



An Iranian-Australia writer, and a producer. She was worked on documentaries in Iran and Afghanistan including on the award winning Hidden Generation:Story of women self_immolation in Afghanistan



was born in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, in 1975 and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. He writes novels, short stories, and non-fiction pieces. His novels have been translated into Japanese, Malay, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Korean.



He started his career as a poet when he was still at senior high school. His debut poetry collection Celana was published in 1999

M Aan


Aan is famously known for his witty thoughts via Twitter @hurufkecil His published works are: Aku Hendak Pindah Rumah (2008), Tokoh-tokoh yang Melawan Kita dalam Satu Cerita (2012), Kukila (2012)

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