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Starting as a small festival in 2011, MIWF has brought a big impact not only for people in the literary circle (writers, readers, publishers, book reviewers), but also for the locals in Makassar, South Sulawesi and Eastern Indonesia. The increased number of community libraries, the growing interest in books and story telling events and unlimited opportunities to collaborate with local, national and international writers and artists are the highlights of the festival. In 2017, the festival recorded a total number of 20,000 participants, a new record for an independent event due its increased popularity.

MIWF is organised by Rumata’ Artspace, an independent and community-driven group in Makassar. The festival aims to spread the joy of literature, to increase reading habits among Indonesian people (particularly youngsters and university students) and to encourage writing and publication activities. Over the course of seven years, Rumata’ has helped MIWF become a major literary and cultural event in Indonesia.

MIWF aims to connect writers, artists, literary activists, publishers, readers, young people and general audience. Held in the capital city of South Sulawesi Province, Makassar, the festival plays a very significant role to facilitate intriguing discussions, provoke brave ideas and thoughts and has become a symbol of intellectual engagement and cultural connection between the locals and the global literary world.