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Based, makes contemporary art, writes, and produces culture through a variety of media across public, gallery and online spaces based on Miriwoong country in the north-west of Australia. The politics of nation making and the colonial past and present of Australia and South Asia are central to her practice. Since 2009 Alana has orchestrated participatory art & publishing projects that activated different media forms in the public sphere to shed light on the military occupation of Kashmir. At the Makassar International Writers' Festival Alana will discuss the seven year participatory memorial Cups of nun chai which responded to the death of over 118 people in 2010. Over two years Alana shared 118 cups of nun chai (a Kashmiri salt tea) with 118 people across Australia, in Brussels & Bangkok, across different parts of India & finally in Kashmir. She took a photo of each person holding their cup of tea & wrote from memory about each conversation, which connected Kashmir's story & the summer of 2010 to some of the most challenging areas of contemporary life including the failures of democracy, state violence, the inherent fragility of the nation state, armed struggle, the power of the media, and the idea of freedom. Over eleven months from mid-2016 Cups of nun chai circulated as a newspaper serial in Kashmir Reader, reaching tens of thousands of people on a weekly basis. Through personal conversation & public media intervention Cups of nun chai is an exploration of how we encounter, respond to, & remember political violence. This work won the 2017 Incinerator Art Award and was nominated for an Infinity Award with the International Centre for Photography in New York. Alana will be an artist in residence with Rumata Art Space in the lead up to the Makassar International Writers' Festival. Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, Alana will research fishing, trade and story in Makassar, exploring points of dissonance and connection with the north-west of Australia, both historically and in the contemporary moment.