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Maria Pankratia is a Program Coordinator at Yayasan Klub Buku Petra, Ruteng. She’s been joining Komunitas Buku Bagi NTT since 2014 and now is the Vice of its National Committee. In May 2017, Maria was an Emerging Writer from East Nusa Tenggara at the Makassar International Writers Festival together with the other five invitees. In the same year, one of her articles “KTP untuk Kaum Waria, Kenapa Tidak?” came at the third place on General Category, Coverage and Writing Competition under a theme “Gender Diversity and Sexuality” by Asean Literary Festival 2017, Ardhanary Institute, and Alliance of Independent Journalists. Her articles were also published in mass media such as Bali Post, Pos Kupang, Jurnal Santarang, and Bale Bengong. Today Maria is a Secretary Editor at, a website focusing on the development of literature and literacy in East Nusa Tenggara. Maria can be contacted via email