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Suffian is the author of two novels: ‘Harris bin Potter and The Stoned Philosopher’, a virally successful parody of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books and ‘The Minorities’, a critically-acclaimed supernatural comedy and road trip bildungsroman. Both books were initially self-published before getting picked up by Singapore-London publisher Epigram Books. In 2017, Suffian was second runner-up in the prestigious EsquireXMontblanc Fiction Writers Prize organized by Esquire Singapore magazine and Montblanc for his short story ‘Sang’, a re-imagining of the Sang Nila Utama myth. On National Day the following year, Apple Singapore named Suffian one of their ‘Red Dot Heroes’ for his work in the local literary scene. He has spoken at events such as the Asian Festival of Children’s Content, the Singapore Writers Festival, ReadFest, BuySingLit, Campus Party Singapore and the Cairo Literature Festival in Egypt.