Ayesha Bux

Ayesha Bux is the esteemed founder and driving force behind SalamFest, an internationally recognised platform dedicated to promoting interfaith dialogue and understanding. With a profound belief in the power of dialogue to bridge cultural divides, Ayesha has devoted her life to fostering connections among people of diverse backgrounds.

Her journey towards peacebuilding began with a personal commitment to building bridges between communities, inspired by her own multicultural upbringing. Ayesha's vision for SalamFest emerged from her experiences navigating different cultures and faiths, recognising the need for spaces where people could come together to learn, share, and celebrate their common humanity.

Under Ayesha's leadership, SalamFest has grown into a global movement, hosting events that bring together religious leaders, scholars, activists, and community members from around the world. Through workshops, seminars, art exhibitions, and cultural performances, SalamFest creates opportunities for meaningful dialogue and collaboration, promoting a vision of peace and coexistence.

Ayesha's unwavering dedication to fostering understanding and harmony has earned her recognition and respect from diverse communities. Her tireless efforts continue to inspire individuals and organisations to join in the pursuit of a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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