Afryantho Keyn

He wrote his first short story in high school which was published in a school magazine called Kuncup. After graduating, his short stories began to be published in mass media such as the Timor Express, Pos Kupang, Flores Pos, and Suara NTB newspapers, the literary journal Santarang and Filokalia, the magazines Warta Flobamora and Natas, as well as online media such as,, and His short story is also included in the anthology book, Tsunami! Tsunami! (2018), the 2019 Literary Choice of Poetry and Short Stories, Reruntuhan di Bukit Kapur (2019), and the short story anthology book ODGJ Nadus dan Tujuh Belas Pasung (2020). His short story entitled “Reruntuhan Ketujuh” was chosen as the Best Litera 2019 Short Story.