Deasy is a writer from Kendari who likes to write short stories, poetry, children’s stories, and film screenplays. She has published an anthology titled Shells Calling the Wind, Titimangsa, Exclamation Marks on the Body, as well as children’s books: Hikayat Mekongga Mountain, Let’s Protect the Sea, The World’s Largest Fort, and Kaghati Kolope.
She was first selected as an Emerging Writer at the 2015 Makassar International Writers Festival, then at the Ubud Writers and Readers festival 2016. In 2018, she became one of the Indonesian delegates in the Southeast Asian Literary Council program. Then in early 2019, she won a children’s book writing competition at the Southeast Sulawesi Language Office. She was selected as a writer for the GLN 2019 program by the Language Agency, as well as being a writer in the ‘Introduction to Culture’ serial book writing program, by the Directorate General of Trust and Tradition, within the Ministry of Education and Culture. In the same year, she also became one of the Indonesian Writers Residency Scholarship Recipients from the National Book Committee. Currently, Deasy is in the industrial world as a scriptwriter at a private TV station in Jakarta.