Eko Saputra Poceratu has been involved in several joint poetry anthologies such as, Antologi Puisi Biarkan Katong Bakalae (2013), Pemberontakan Dari Timur (2014), Antologi Mata Aru, Antologi Kita Dijajah Lagi (2017), Rasa Sejati (2018), Antologi Puisi Banjar Baru’s Rainy Day Literary Festival (2017-2018). Eko was an Emerging writer at the Makassar International Writer’s Festival in Fort Rotterdam (2018) and a co-writer at the Festival of Literature and Christian Arts in Jakarta (2018). He was selected as one of the Indonesian Resident Writers in the Netherlands in 2019 by the National Book Committee and in the same year, was included in the top 5 of Kusala Sastra Khatulistiwa.
Eko Saputra Poceratu is someone who believes that poetry has the power to reconcile, unite, move and forgive: “I am happy to have written several books for you to read, namely two novels: Pelangi Biru (2018), Sebiru Api Rindu (2020) and have published two collections of poems, Hari Minggu Ramai Sekali (2019) and Dosa Penyair (2020) and the short story collection, Di Jalan-Jalan yang Kita Curi (2021)”.