Gavin Seah is a 28 year-old Singaporean published author of an inspirational book, True Humility: Finding Peace and Balance in Today’s Modern Society. His story is an encouragement to many, of how he overcame adversities through the value of Humility including enduring severe bullying, racism and ostracism – as a result of attending 7 schools in 7 years between the age of 10 and 17 in Singapore and Melbourne. His story has been interviewed by Singapore radio stations (CNA938, Money89.3FM, Capital 95.8FM) and his book has been featured by digital magazines (The Homeground Asia, Life Vest Inside, Black Fly Bird).

As the founder and CEO of Soil Of Humility, a socio-educational enterprise, Gavin is on a mission to impact corporates, schools and communities to inspire all of us to find our true identity, purpose, vision and meaning through True Humility. Find Gavin Seah on Instagram at @thetruegavin and on Facebook at @soilofhumility, where he shares more musings on his exciting True Humility journey.