Gaudiffridus Sone Usnaat is Gody’s full name, but he writes under the pen name Gody Usnaat. He was born in the village of Faenono on November 1, 1984. Since 2014, he has worked as a catechist in the parish of St. Boniface-Ubrub-Dean of Keerom-Jayapura Diocese. In addition, he takes care of the Rumah Baca Jendela Semografi, which was started by Buku Untuk Papua (BUP) & Tim Nusantara Sehat. Now he lives in Umuaf Village, where he and his friends accompany the children every evening to learn to read, write and count. In 2017, he was selected as one of the young poets of Indonesia-Southeast Asian Literature Council (MASTERA). In 2019, he became an active participant in the Jogjakarta International Literary Festival. His first book, entitled Mama Menganyam Noken (publisher Papua Cendikia) (2019), was republished in 2020 by the publisher Kompas. He is currently preparing his second book of poetry: Meeting Belalang.