Mosyuki Borhan is a Malaysian poet, writer, publisher, and short film director who is Javanese
by blood and Solo by origin.
Started in 2009 by publishing his writings in a blog, his poems and short stories then have been
assembled into books; Telegram (2010), Sepuluh Ribu (2011), Rahsia 2 Pria (2012 Bestselling
Poetry Book), and Tempe & Latte (2014).
He is the founder of Rumah Ripta; a publishing house which created ‘Untuk Yang Telah Pergi’, a
bestselling poetry anthology in 2016/2017. Rumah Ripta’s latest work, ‘Hujan Bakawali Di
Rumah Tuhan’ was launched at MIWF 2018.
Mosyuki also actively organizes and manages art events, as well as performing in poetry
showcases throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. Interpreting poetry into a form of acting
combined with music, is his favorite style of performance.