Safyan Iqbal is a Deaf filmmaker, photographer and visual storyteller based in Cardiff, Wales. A trained camera operator, Safyan has filmed events, produced BSL flyers and promotional videos for theatre companies and for LGTBQIA+ Deaf Pride weekend, as well as providing workshops for the British Deaf Association for Deaf people to learn about filming and editing. He recently completed an apprenticeship at ITV Wales, working with the Production Specialist Team and the ITV teams in London, Bristol, Birmingham and ITV Signpost, learning how television is translated into BSL. Safyan also volunteers for RawFfest, delivering Deaf Awareness to the festival and BSL training to all volunteers. He is an active member of the Sherman Theatre’s Deaf Theatre Club, the Cardiff Deaf Creative Hands and Cardiff Deaf Centre. He is fluent in British Sign Language (BSL) and lip-reading English.