Sayaka Murata became fascinated with science fiction and detective novels and made her first attempts at writing as a child. After she finished middle school in Inzai, her family moved to Tokyo. There she studied at Tamagawa University.
In her most recent work, Chikyū seijin (2018; Eng. »Earthlings«, 2020), the first-person narrator Natsuki, who was abused by a teacher as a child, treated like a stranger by her family, and had only her cousin Yu as a friend, is able to break free from her traumas in later years. Together with her husband, with whom she has entered into a relationship without sex or children, and her rediscovered cousin, she flees from the clutches of the »human factory« of the »earthlings« to the old family farmhouse, where in one of the rooms silkworms used to form cocoons. Isolated from the outside world, she discovers an extremely new, almost fantastic way of life outside all social conventions in the acceptance of her otherness. Sayaka Murata is one of a number of young East Asian authors whose works focus on female self-experience in patriarchal systems, wrote the SZ.