Born in Kuala Lumpur into a Salatiga family, Wani Ardy is a published author, a poet-performer,
a singer-songwriter, and a creative writing educator. She is also active as an MRKH Syndrome
Including the recent well-received ‘The Art of Letting Go(d)’, Wani has published 10 books since
2009, 2 of which are bestsellers; ‘Langit Vanilla’ and ‘Untuk Yang Telah Pergi’. She had
represented Malaysia at poetry and art festivals in Sydney, Makassar, Jakarta, and Singapore.
Along with her 7-piece band WIDYA, Wani turns memoir into lyrics and stories into songs.
Together they have been performing locally and globally since 2006. Graduated with an MA in
Creative Writing from Macquarie University, her words mainly dance in 3 languages: Malaysian,
Javanese, and English.