Wawan Kurniawan

Writes poetry, short stories, essays and translates several works. Published his first poetry book entitled Persinggahan Perangai Sepi (2013)î. As well as being invited as a writer for Eastern Indonesia at the Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) 2015. The second book of poetry was published in January 2017 with the title Sajak Penghuni Surga by Publisher Basabasi. His essay book was published in February 2017 with the title Sepi Manusia Topeng by Nala Cipta Litera Publisher. The first collection of short stories will be published in March 2021 with the title “Aku Mengong” by Indonesian Publisher Tera. One of his works was chosen as the Unnes International Novel Writing Contest 2017. The author can be contacted via email, wawan.kurniawan1992@gmail.com or twitter @wnkurn.